All invitations are hand crafted by Little Dazzle Diva’s, you may select from the options below or require your own unique creation. All invitations are uniquely designed to the theme of the party.  So whether you need a message in a bottle or a dazzling princess crown, we do it all.


BALLET PARTIES                                                                                     DRESS UP AND TEA TIME PARTIES                                                                       

  • Ballet Dancer Invite
  • Ballet Shoes Invite
  • Ballet Tutu Invite
  • Shoe and Dress Invite
  • Teapot Invite
  • Teacup and Saucer Invite

PAMPER PARTIES                                                                                   PRINCESS PARTIES

  • Nail Polish Invite
  • Hand Mirror Invite
  • Face Cloth Invite
  • Princess Invite
  • Princess Dress Invite
  • Princess Crown (with trim) Invite


ARMY PARTIES                                                                                        KUNG-FU PARTIES

  • Army Tank Invite
  • Dog Tags Invite
  • Round Bomb Invite
  • Kung-fu Panda Invite
  • Boxing Gloves Invite
  • Karate Belts Invite

RUGBY PARTIES                                                                                       PIRATE PARTIES

  • Rugby Boots Invite
  • Team Flag Invite
  • Small Rugby Ball Invite
  • Treasure Map Invite
  • Flag and Sails Invite
  • Message in a Bottle Invite


CRAFT PARTIES                                                                                        LITTLE CHEFS PARTIES

  • Paint Brush and Paint Invite
  • Mini Pencils and Tin Invite
  • Paint Brushes and Tray Invite
  • Chefs Hat Invite
  • Wooden Spoon Invite
  • Apron Invite

TINKERBELL AND PETER PAN PARTIES                                                           STORY-TIME PARTIES

  • Captain Hooks Hat Invite
  • Tinkerbell’s Shoes Invite
  • Peter Pan Hat Invite
  • Rainbow Invite
  • Storybook Invite
  • Book Worm Invite