Little Chefs Parties

Today’s Menu

For the Master Chef in every family:

  1. Making pizza

–          pizza base

–          tomato paste

–          various toppings (ham, cheese, pineapple, etc)

  1. Fruity fun – making a hedgehog

–          pear per child

–          tooth picks

–          chewy sweets


Making a fruit flower bunch

–          sosattie sticks

–          ribbon

–          pineapple, watermelon

–          chewy sweets

  1. Decorating cupcakes

–          cupcakes

–          icing bags with white butter icing

–          colouring mist in various colours

–          toppings (sweets, smarties, etc)

–          fondant and shape cutters for fun toppings

Chef’s hats and aprons are included in the package.

A facilitator will be present at all times to help the children.

Duration of the party is dependent on the number of little chefs.